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Interviews: The Paris Review [Mary Karr, The Art of Memoir No. 1 - Interviewed by Amanda Fortini]:
Why did you feel a need to document your life? Did you write The Liarsí Club in order to get the story off your chest?
By the time I wrote The Liarsí Club, it was off my fucking chest. Iíd slogged through therapy, and my family was fairly healed, in no small part due to my motherís own hard-won sobriety. I was divorced and sober and, remarkably enough, employed as a college professor teaching poetry. My sisterís family was the picture of prosperity. My dad had died after being paralyzed for five years. My son was thriving. But our story was nonetheless standing in line to be written.
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  The Days of Yore:
I often read your work before I write.
Thatís so nice. I used to have so many people like that.
Frank Conroy, who wrote Stop-Time, Maxine Hong Kingston, who wrote The Woman Warrior. Nabokovís Speak Memory is probably my favorite memoir of all time. But thatís so great. When I was posing in the mirror with my beret on my head for my author jacket, at ten years old, thatís what I imagined would happen.
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