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Media Inquiries
Name: Katherine Beitner
Email: Katherine.Beitner@harpercollins.com
Phone: 212.207.7522
Lecture Inquiries
Name: Jamie Brickhouse
Email: jamiebrickhouse@redbrickagency.com
Phone: 646.281.9041
Address: Fan Mail
  Mary Karr
  Department of English
  College of Arts and Sciences
  401 Hall of Languages
  Syracuse University
  Syracuse, NY 13244-1170
For more information about KIN, contact:
Name: Heather Bohn - HBPR
Email: heather@hbprnm.com
Phone: 615-298-4056
Name: Lucy Sabini - Vanguard Records
Email: lsabini@vanguardrecords.com
Phone: 310-829-9355x137